Design and installation of access control systems and video surveillance

DIgroup solutions allow you to:

  • Clearly identify the object or get a detailed picture of the event that occurred
  • Conduct surveillance and control over several company facilities at the same time
  • Create a monitoring center
  • Conduct video analysis of various events
  • Recognize the faces of employees and regular customers, as well as scammers

We use high-definition cameras with the ability to shoot at night. You can't be in two places at the same time, but you can see different locations on your mobile device. All your company's facilities will be visible from the monitoring center, where you can quickly get information about events at the company's facilities. Control of cash transactions, control of the movement of employees, control of the movement of goods in the warehouses of companies, remote control of the acceptance of goods in warehouses and many other features. You can organize access for regular customers to your company, as well as identify midges using the accumulated database

Different types and sizes of businesses have different access needs. Access control solutions from DIGroup can help protect your employees, equipment, and property by restricting access. Our solutions allow you to:

  • Provide access to the territory of objects using access cards
  • Organize access to the company's premises using biometric data
  • Perform breathalysing for employee access to the enterprise territory
  • Provide contactless authorization of employees
  • Two-factor authorization
  • Integrate our solutions with your company's business systems
  • Equip the entrance groups with turnstiles from the world's leading manufacturers
  • Control the entry of cars into the territory
  • Do not allow visitors with metal objects or weapons to enter the territory
  1. The classic version of access to the territory of the office, business, home.
  2. Fingerprint, retina - for those who need an additional level of protection.
  3. Employees under the influence of alcohol at work are a huge risk. Solutions from DIgroup will help you restrict access after a positive test result
  4. Face recognition, having a phone in your pocket will allow you not to worry about the access card.
  5. The access card may be stolen. Two-factor authorization allows you to protect particularly important areas in your office or at the company's facilities.
  6. Accounting of working hours, reconciliation of cash transactions, monitoring of the safety of company assets, employee safety and much more, can be tracked in the usual systems where your employees work.
  7. Automatic gates, barriers, inspection towers are part of a set of measures that will help you track the arrival and departure of vehicles from the territory.
  8. Inspection frames have become a necessary attribute of places of mass gathering of people, large enterprises, offices

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