About us

We always move forward in order to sharpen our technologies and mode of operation.

There are three unchangeable principles in the cornerstone of our cooperation with every customer: we are responsible, honest and transparent when it comes to money.


The DIGROUP asset has more:

28 500
CCTV cameras installed
19 200 км
laid cable (as well as the length of the territory of Russia from west to east)
13 800
mounted and configured DVRs and video servers
12 350
doors equipped with access control
36 500
installed security and fire sensors
4 350
working and executive documents
6 500
Technical Support Recommendations Provided
Why contact us
We do the work with high quality and to the end
We meet customers as much as possible (even in matters of payment)
We strictly observe the terms established by the contract
Always take into account the interests of customers
We know all the subtleties of the design and installation of low-voltage systems
We use modern technologies and introduce competent engineering solutions that allow our clients to save their time and finances
We are constantly moving forward: we are improving our technologies and schemes of work
Three rules remain the same, laid down in the basis of cooperation with each client of the company: responsibility, decency and absolute transparency of financial relations